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/* Zerotheme.com | Free Html5 Responsive Templates Zerogrid - A Single
Grid System for Responsive Design Author: Kimmy Version : 2.1 Author
URI: https://www.zerotheme.com/ */ /*
-------------------------------------------- */ /* ------------------Grid
System--------------- */ .zerogrid{ width: 960px; position: relative;
margin: 0 auto; padding: 0px;} .zerogrid:after { content:
"\0020"; display: block; height: 0; clear: both; visibility:
hidden; } .zerogrid .row{} .zerogrid .row:before,.row:after { content:
'\0020'; display: block; overflow: hidden; visibility: hidden; width: 0;
height: 0; } .zerogrid .row:after{clear: both; } .zerogrid .row{zoom:
1;} .zerogrid .wrap-col{margin:10px;} .zerogrid .col-1-2, .zerogrid
.col-1-3, .zerogrid .col-2-3, .zerogrid .col-1-4, .zerogrid .col-2-4,
.zerogrid .col-3-4, .zerogrid .col-1-5, .zerogrid .col-2-5, .zerogrid
.col-3-5, .zerogrid .col-4-5, .zerogrid .col-1-6, .zerogrid .col-2-6,
.zerogrid .col-3-6, .zerogrid .col-4-6, .zerogrid .col-5-6{float:left;
display: inline-block;} .zerogrid .col-full{width:100%;} .zerogrid
.col-1-2{width:50%;} .zerogrid .col-1-3{width:33.33%;} .zerogrid
.col-2-3{width:66.66%;} .zerogrid .col-1-4{width:25%;} .zerogrid
.col-2-4{width:50%;} .zerogrid .col-3-4{width:75%;} .zerogrid
.col-1-5{width:20%;} .zerogrid .col-2-5{width:40%;} .zerogrid
.col-3-5{width:60%;} .zerogrid .col-4-5{width:80%;} .zerogrid
.col-1-6{width:16.66%;} .zerogrid .col-2-6{width:33.33%;} .zerogrid
.col-3-6{width:50%;} .zerogrid .col-4-6{width:66.66%;} .zerogrid
.col-5-6{width:83.33%;} @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and
(max-width: 959px) { .zerogrid{width:768px;} } @media only screen and
(max-width: 767px) { .zerogrid{width:100%;} } @media only screen and
(min-width: 620px) and (max-width: 767px)
{ .zerogrid{width:100%;} } @media only screen and (max-width: 619px)
{ .zerogrid, .zerogrid .col-1-2, .zerogrid .col-1-3, .zerogrid .col-2-3,
.zerogrid .col-1-4, .zerogrid .col-2-4, .zerogrid .col-3-4, .zerogrid
.col-1-5, .zerogrid .col-2-5, .zerogrid .col-3-5, .zerogrid .col-4-5,
.zerogrid .col-1-6, .zerogrid .col-2-6, .zerogrid .col-3-6, .zerogrid
.col-4-6, .zerogrid .col-5-6{width:100%;} }
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